Forever Young

Next weekend brings around this years debut trip to the Hafan y Môr holiday camp in North Wales which will double up as an indoor festival for three days.

We usually head there twice a year, but organising this one has become a real palaver due to people pulling out left, right and centre. Thankfully this first event combines Hammefest on its eighth cycle and its sister event HRH AOR returning for a fourth year. As we’ve struggled to offload the seven tickets my other half is venturing into the Welsh hills with us, so it’s a good job there are some bands on the mellower side to appease her.

Over the next week I’ll post a few videos of bands that are playing the event that I may, or may not, see. First up something from the AOR side, New York’s Tyketto.

I’ve only seen them once and that was a brief set almost six years ago at the Download Festival. I’m not a massive fan of theirs, never really taken the time to check them out if I’m being honest, but this track is a staple at a lot of rock clubs.

If you have a soft spot, or even a guilty pleasure, for Bon Jovi or the mid 80’s Whitesnake then this will be for you. Forever Young is the lead off track from their 1991 debut album Don’t Come Easy. Like a lot of artists from many genres the tidal wave that was grunge swept s many bands away, and Tyketto were one of the many that suffered and they split in 1996. After a few attempts here and there they finally clicked and have been back together since 2008.


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