Headlining the Hammerfest Arena on the Friday evening are Cradle Of Filth – the Suffolk black metal band was recently voted the as the counties greatest icon.  Very embarrassing for the publication that ran the poll!

I’m not a Filth fan, I used to like them when I was dabbling with black metal shortly  after I left school and I wrote to frontman Dani a few times and purchased the bands first two demo tapes directly from him (Orgiastic Pleasures Foul and T.F.D. in 1992 and 1993 respectively). You could always recognize his packet in a pile of mail as it was always drenched in patchouli oil. By the time their debut album The Principle of Evil Made Flesh I was disillusioned with the black metal genre and never really looked back.

In the intervening years I’ve actually attended four of their shows, but always down to other bands that they had playing with them on the day. Their  Nottingham Rock City gig in 2001 they had Medulla Nocte opening up for them.  They were part of  the rearranged Tattoo the Planet tour which Slayer headlined again in 2001. The early Christmas present in 2006 was seeing a reformed Sabbat opening up in Manchester, and the last time I saw them was as co-headliner with Behemoth in 2014.  On the drive down to London we had our fingers crossed in the car that Cradle would headline so we could head back north that little bit earlier, sadly not.

They are on stage at the same time as Joe Lynn Turner ploughs through his Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen and Deep Purple back catalogue, so I don’t think Friday will mark my fifth viewing.

This version of Heaven 17’s Temptation is taken from the bands Thornography release, with female vocals performed by short live London singer Dirty Harry .



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