You’re A Germ

London indie rockers Wolf Alice aren’t necessarily my cup of coffee (I don’t drink tea) but they’re playing a local gig and the one and only other time I saw them I quite liked them.

Their name seemed to crop up in the Twitter-verse on a pretty regular basis around the time that they were due appear at last years Leeds and Reading festivals. Fortunately they played Leeds on the same day as Metallica played, and as they clashed with nobody else I went to check them out.  I think they were the first band I saw on the day in the NME / Radio 1 tent. They actually weren’t all that bad at all, combining some folky elements into the indie rock sound.  Live Ellie’s vocals come across a lot more harsher than on album, almost Courtney Love or Kat Bjelland like to these old ears.

Tonight the gig it being held at the Students Union building on the Keele University campus, a venue I have only frequented a couple of times beforehand.  The last time was in November 1995 to see Stiff Little Fingers and the first time was earlier in the same year to see  Pop Will Eat Itself, I think that was mainly due to friends wanting to see opening band Sidi Bou Said (and there may have been free tickets via the Reverse camp). I’ve seen PWEI twice in the past and was bored by them twice.  The other time I saw them was at the Victoria Hall in Hanley the year before where they had Compulsion, Blaggers ITA and Dub War as their opening acts, so I wouldn’t have gone eight months later unless it was down to the support bands – or free.

Wolf Alice have played Stoke a few times before and must have a sizeable following, so that’s why I’m thinking it’s being held at the university – it’s our cities mid sized venue with a capacity of around 1,000.

You’re A Germ, with it’s Shining inspired video, is taken from their only album to date, My Love Is Cool, released last year to critical acclaim. The single was released on 7″ vinyl with four different covers of each of the band members.  Surprisingly the Ellie sleeve is the most in demand version on the Discogs site.  There’s a copy on the site as low as £45.50 for you collectors.





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