The Prisoner

The Number of the Beast is a term used in Chapter 13 in the Book of Revelation in the New Testament. According to that story the number of the beast is 666.

Or it could well be the breakthrough album released on this day in 1982 by British heavyweights Iron Maiden and the debut release for the band with Bruce Dickinson at the helm. This album is an essential release for anyone getting into the heavy metal scene, even now 34 years later.

This was the bands first album to reach the number 1 slot on the UK album chart and was again wrapped in another stunning piece of Derek Riggs artwork, this and it’s title gained the band a bit of notoriety in the United States for being satanists and lead to their releases being burnt in public by religious zealots, or later smashed as they feared inhaling the blasphemous fumes.

I don’t really need an excuse to post Maiden videos and as I see them in roughly 288 hours I’m in a pre gig binge listening session.

Hallowed Be Thy Name, Run To The Hills and The Number Of The Beast, with Barry Clayton’s spoken intro, are all firm fan favourites and still in the bands live set on a regular basis. Two of those tracks along with Children Of The Damned are currently ensconced in their current Book Of Souls tour.

Like everything else with me, my favourite songs chop and change daily, and my current favourite track from the album is The Prisoner inspired by the psychological spy drama of the same name, and the first of two songs inspired by the show. During the Hammerfest weekend we were about four miles away from Portmeirion where the series was filmed. We were going to visit, but real life got in the way.

This live version of The Prisoner is taken from their live video and CD combo Maiden England recorded at Birmingham’s NEC Arena on my birthday – November 28th – in 1988



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