New Noise

Drum roll please….(If you can’t already tell from the title and photo above)

The winning gig that was graced by my presence was… Refused.

Once again another stunning performance by the Umeå quintet with one of punk rocks most charismatic frontmen Dennis Lyxzén leading from the front, in his now trademark tight pants and jacket. His yo-yo like tricks with his microphone really are something to behold.

During the superb Rather Be Dead he ventured through the sold out crowd to the mixing desk without missing any of his lyrics. Opening track Elektra saw the beers flying high through the air and there was no let up in the ensuing 80 minutes. Yet again their notorious debut UK show in Stoke was greeted by jeers, but if you were there two decades ago you couldn’t disagree with Dennis on the abysmal crowd that night.

Penultimate track of the night, New Noise, is the bands anthem and the sing along volume was cranked up several more notches before proceedings were brought to an end with Tannhäuser / Derivè.

The Swedes are playing a few UK festivals later in the year, so hopefully I can catch them again this year.


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