Into The Grave

In a change of plan to my original gig for this evening I’m now driving up to Leeds for the inaugural Ritual Festival, which is headlined by Swedish death metal forefathers Grave on a rare foray to the British Isles. Having said that though by August they will have played here on three separate occasions since November 2015.

Ola Lindgren has lead the Visby band from the front over eleven albums and during the three decades of Grave he has been the only constant member.

I have been listening to them on and off since the early 1990’s with their first two albums Into The Grave and You’ll Never See. Along with the likes of Dismember, Entombed and Unleashed they were part of the infamous Swedish melodic death metal sound that was born out of Gothenburg and Stockholm’s Sunlight Studios, a veritable who’s who of predominantly Swedish death metal bands have made use of the studio during their careers.

I missed a whole chunk of Grave’s output post 1994’s Soulless release until I listened to Endless Procession of Souls from 2012, mainly due to a hint of curiosity due to their version of Them Bones by Alice in Chains (which is rather enjoyable) and tomorrow will be the first time that I have seen the band on stage.

I’m not sure where this live version of Into the Grave was recorded, but it’s the first song they wrote as a band and still in their live set to this day.

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