Thrashing Crew

This weekend sees me making the 209 mile trek east to Norfolk for the annual Thrashersaurus event, being held at The Brickmakers venue just outside of Norwich City centre. I attended last years show for both days, whereas this year I’m only there for the Saturday. Nothing to do with the line up, just prior commitments in other, closer to home, parts of the country.

Saturday is a bit of a who’s who in UK thrash metal. Some of the bands from the 80’s who’ve returned mixed with some of the young up and coming bucks. Over the next few days I’ll have a look into some of the bands I should be having the pleasure of viewing.

First up is the veteran band Anihilated from neighbouring Suffolk. If today was represented by the fans of the football teams in the two counties – Norwich vs Ipswich – then this place today would be a no go area for Anihilated. But, as its music, and we all tend to get along, any rivalries are good natured.

Back in 1981 a punk band called Prosper were formed. Eventually they changed vocalist which in turn altered their style to a more punk and metal amalgamation that was getting pretty popular in the mid 80’s.

Debut album Created In Hate saw the light of day in 1988 which a much more thrash metal orientated sound. The band’s second album, The Ultimate Desecration, surfaced a year later. Like much of the UK thrash scene it imploded at the start of the 1990’s and Anihilated were one of many to disappear.

Rolling on eighteen years, the band reformed with two original members, and last year saw them releasing their third album since the 2008 reformation.

Saturday should be the fourth time I will have seen the band. I say should as I’m bound by the train timetables and the lack of a Thrashersarus timetable, until you get to the venue. I have no idea if I will be there in time to see them. Hopefully I will. Not publishing a running order is quite a noble idea, the reason being it brings people in early to see more bands rather than waiting for the popular ones to take the stage. But if like me you can’t physically be there for when the doors open I might have been able to find a bit if extra time to be there a little bit earlier if I had a plan to work from. As it stands I’m due to get to my B&B around 6pm, so we’ll see.

Thrashing Crew is taken from the bands fifth, and most recent, album Anti Social Engineering and features guest vocals from three of the UK earliest thrash bands, namely Onslaught’s Sy Keeler, Virus frontman Coke Finlay and Jason McLoughlin from D.A.M. – three bands who have reformed in recent times to varying degrees of success.


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