Man Behind The Mask

Right, back to all things Thrashersaurus.

This is most definitely the newest video clip I’ve posted on this blog as it was only released to the unsuspecting world yesterday evening.

Not to be confused with the German thrash band Eradicator, Eradikator are straight from the black heart of the Black Country – or Birmingham!

I think I’ve only seen these guys once and that was on the New Blood stage at Bloodstock in 2014. With a bit of luck and motivation I’m hoping to triple that tally by Sunday morning. They play Telford on Friday night, and as they aren’t headlining I can get home at a reasonable hour, and obviously I’m hoping I’m in Norwich in time on Saturday.

I stumbled upon their 2012 debut album Dystopia when I was probably on a Sunday morning internet search for thrash metal. And what a great album to stumble upon. Last years Edge Of Humanity is even better. The UK thrash metal scene hasn’t got the strength in depth of some other countries but there are definitely some quality bands out there slogging their guts out for some recognition.


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