Deny Reality

Snaking their way down the eastern side of the country towards Norwich for Thrashersarus On Saturday, are Hull’s (relatively) recently reunited thrashers Re-Animator.

Originally they were only around for a brief four and a bit year period, released a great mini album and full length then left us after a couple of so-so releases. Splitting in 1992 the original members all got back together for Lawnmower Deth’s Nottingham Christmas shindig in 2013.

In the intervening two and a half years they’ve not been overly prolific and have only played around nine shows in that time and I’ve been fortunate to have been at six of those.

Back in March they should have been appearing onstage at Hammerfest, but drummer Mark Mitchell left the drum stool vacant in mid February and they had to cancel. Sunday’s performance in Norwich will be their first appearance with the new line up, closely followed by a home town show a few weekends later that I’m considering making the drive to.

During their first incarnation they were opening up for some fantastic bands of the day, Nuclear Assault, Demolition Hammer and Dark Angel being a few tours they participated on. I can vaguely remember seeing an advert in Kerrang! with a Stoke date included. But yet again another one thanks to my parents I missed. Why did they have to live out in the sticks and not drive?

As with all the UK thrash bands from that era next to no promotional videos were ever made – Acid Reign and Xentrix are the only two that I can think of any way, I stand to be corrected. Plenty of footage of these bands is online now from a few iffy VHS rips. Below is a link to their full set from FearFest held in Birmingham in 2014. I’ve mainly included this as Deny Reality is my favourite song by the band and its the best version I can find that includes the spoken word intro taken from the film based on H.P. Lovecraft’s novella Herbet West-Reanimator. Enjoy.


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