Saturday nights headliners in Norwich is vocalist ‘H’ and his collection of musicians better known as Acid Reign. They are one of the bands on the day that I am really looking forward to seeing again.

It feels like such a long time since I saw them in Ireland last October and I was one of many who were disappointed that their set at this years Hammerfest didn’t materialise through no fault of their own.

The Mash & Barrel stage where they were due to play was getting pretty full with a varied collection of Acid Reign shirts around 6pm on the Friday. When Battle Beast passed their cut off time and kept playing there were lots of perplexed looks.

Maybe they got here late and the organisers thought better of cutting the Finns set short? Once they finally finished their set of generic power metal the announcement came over the PA that Acid Reign were unable to perform and Fleshgod Apocalypse were up next. No explanation as to why or if there was going to be an alternative slot. All those wearing Acid Reign shirts disappointedly drifted away, heads down, smart phones glowing in their face looking for answers.

Unfortunately the band had been stuck on the M40 motorway. Having only travelled 100 miles or so in seven hours due to a HGV smashing into a bridge, they were told to turn around by the organisers. Luckily for those in London, they played a last minute gig at the Devonshire Arms.

In a week where See Tickets are offering refunds for the Axl Rose fronted version of AC/DC in London later in the year, it does seem odd that Acid Reign are flourishing, in a sense, with only one original member. But more on that in a few days.

This version of Humanoia, recorded live at the legendary Marquee Club and is proceeded by a TV interview, in the days when the band had so much more hair! It was recorded in 1989 for ITV’s late night rock music show that over the years went under the names of The Power Hour and Raw Power.


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