A Thousand Nights

Let’s start looking into the conundrum that is this weekends choice of gigs. Both are local to me, one is free one isn’t. One of Saturday’s shows is playing Wolverhampton on Friday night and Manchester sometime next week, but can I be bothered to travel, especially as next weekend might involve some mileage?

Headlining the free show at The Rigger is local band BallsDeep, or maybe Balls Deep. Not quite sure as the typography on the band’s debut album isn’t great and I’ve seen both versions knocking around. They formed from the ashes of three other Stoke bands in 2011 and in that time they have developed quite a reputation in the unsigned metal scene. They’ve played gigs over the length and breadth of the country and supported some pretty decent bands. Saturday’s gig is a local stop off on a pretty extensive UK tour in support of their second album …And On The Eighth Day, which I’m hoping to pick up on the night.

I’ve only seen them a couple of times in their career, first time at the Rigger and last year in Liverpool at the Mosh Against Cancer weekender. They did play Bloodstock’s second stage in 2014, but I think they were on too early for this aged old man. Being honest I was only in Liverpool to see Re-Animator, but when Balls Deep played earlier in the day I was seriously impressed with their Pantera influenced metal.

I think I’ve only seen them twice is due to what I perceive to be a pretty cringe worthy name. It’s just one of those monikers that doesn’t appeal to me and if I saw it in a magazine I’d probably skip over it. It’s quite bizarre that my wife has a similar feeling about it. I ordered the debut CD and it was hand delivered to the house, but I was fast asleep at the time, and she made a comment about the name when she told me someone from a band had been.

Name aside, here’s the video for A Thousand Nights for you to make up your own mind. Well you know what they say about judging a book by its cover.


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