On Monday afternoon I’ll be jumping on a Manchester bound train to catch the Marduk tour that is rolling into the city.

I’m not really a fan of the Swedish black metal headliners, but the other three bands that complete the touring quartet are of more interest to me, especially the opening band Bio-Cancer, hence the earlier than usual train, who I can not wait to see live.

These Athens thrashers will have half an hour to warm up the crowd that have bothered to arrive early. No doubt that will be a pretty sparse crowd at 6:30pm as all I’ve read so far is “I’ve never heard of them“. Well make the effort to get there early!

There have been some great thrash bands coming out of Hellenic Republic over the last few years and Bio-Cancer are one of those. If you like your aggressive thrash metal with precise musicianship and blistering speed then this is a band for you. The definite love / hate angle to the band will be the vocals. Well it’s more a high pitched screech than singing, so not exactly conventional for a thrash band, but it does work well.

I’ve managed to catch fellow Greek thrashers Suicidal Angels a handful of times now and last time they were touring they had country men Exarsis in tow. Now if only someone would bring Chronosphere over, or they play a European show in a city I can fly into easily, then that would be great.

Bulletproof is taken from the bands sophomore album, Tormenting The Innocent, released last year.


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