World Agony

Completing the sextet of death metal bands that played the Queens Hall in Burslem back in 1991 was New York death metal forefathers Immolation. So from the six who played only Pestilence have evaded me once I’ve seen these guys as direct support to Marduk on Monday.

Formed back in Yonkers in 1986 originally as Rigor Mortis, Immolation released their Dawn Of Possession debut five years later on Roadrunner Records when that particular label was THE label for quality death metal at the time. That was the only release on Roadrunner before they dispensed with all of the death metal bands when grunge became the new in thing.

Ross Dolan and Robert Vigna have churned out old school death metal for twenty eight unbroken years. Originally their lyrics were pretty much anti religious, but as times have moved on and members have matured the lyrical content in now much more of a social outlook and political views, especially after the events in New York City after 9/11.

Since the mid 90’s they’ve been pretty regular visitors to the British Isles and have been seen playing with Napalm Death, Krisiun and Cradle of Filth. This time they were over to play London’s Incineration Festival with regional shows later added on, so that saved me some time and money this weekend.

We’re delving back into the mists of time for World Agony. Shadows in the Light is the bands seventh album and hit the record shops in 2007.


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