Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore, might be uttered by these Topeka natives when their night liner bus rolls into Manchester city centre sometime on Monday – hopefully earlier than Gorguts did back in March!

I’m not overly familiar with Origin who are sandwiched between the two bands who I’m paying my money to see upstairs in Sound Control on Monday.

For some unknown reason we contemplated a trip to the Big Smoke back in 2014 where Origin were on a bill along with Aborted from Belgium, Californian’s Exhumed and Swedes Miasmal at the Underworld. We never went, obviously, but I have no idea why I even looked at this show. This Sunday show was slotted in between Behemoth in Manchester and Kreator in Birmingham, so I’d be broken going down to London and back then off to work Monday morning. Curious.

Unlike Immolation in the last post with their old school death metal approach, Origin play a much more technical version of the death metal brand, incorporating a prog metal vibe into their ferocious sound, with some often chaotic time changes.

Even though I’ve not heard a great deal of music from Origin I’ll still be in my spot taking in their 45 minute set, it’s not like I can do a great deal more once I’m ensconced in the venue. I’ll be more intrigued to watch the drummer, his hands are going to be a blur playing some of this stuff.



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