I Am (I’m Me)

Hello. It feels like it’s been a while!!

I spent Monday evening in the rather sweaty, but superb company of Bio-Cancer, Origin and Immolation. A cracking gig.

Tuesday evening we ended up tracking down a pin badge in celebration of Iron Maiden’s Trooper ale which celebrated its third anniversary on Monday. Yes, I tracked down a pub selling beer that was giving away a badge! A bit sad for some, but the marketing machine behind the Iron Maiden brand is a very successful beast and I wouldn’t be the only one.


On Sunday evening I was at a bit of a loose end and on recommendations coming out of the Bloodstock Facebook page I ended up watching the documentary We Are Twisted F***ing Sister! on Netflix. And what a superb two hours and fifteen minutes viewing that was.

It documents the trials and tribulations of the band from a Tri State area bar band in the mid 70’s to their eventual break through in the early 80’s as one of the biggest metal bands for a brief period. The amount of hard work that was put in night after night, month after month with very little recognition from those in the know was very insightful.

Their early career was built up on a word of mouth reputation. When you can have 20,000 people turning up at a free out door festival you are playing at, or eventually headlining and selling out the Palladium Theatre in New York City. And it was all achieved without a record deal or label backing is a real rags to riches fairy tale.

2016 marks the bands farewell tour after the death of drummer A.J. Pero last year. Ex Dream Theatre drummer  Mike Portnoy is filling in for one last hurrah. I’ll be at their last ever UK show in August, but more on that in a few months.

This badly mimed performance was for a British TV appearance on the Top of the Pops show, when the BBC actually embraced and recognised all things popular! The miming wasn’t down to the band, but at the behest of the Beeb. Virtually every band had to mime to their own song. Iron Maiden three years before hand insisted on performing live when they did Running Free.

The song is taken from their second album You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll released in 1983, and (to date) remains their highest UK chart placement at number 18.



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