Under Attack

Over 200 posts into this blog and I’ve recently realised I’ve not completed the Teutonic Big 4 yet, so completing the line up alongside Kreator, Sodom and Tankard is Weil am Rhein trio Destruction. Coincidentally today sees the release of the bands fourteenth album Under Attack. Anybody would have thought I’ve planned this.

Formed in 1982 as Knight of Demon they changed name two years later to Destruction. Taking much inspiration from Venom and Iron Maiden, their early output was a very primitive new wave of heavy metal and (what we could call now) black metal hybrid, before honing their thrash sound.

The original trio featured two of today’s members, guitarist Mike Sifringer and the ever imposing bass playing frontman Schmier, even though he departed for a decade in the 1990’s which, upon his return, has seen the bands most commercial success.

I’ve seen the band a number of times live over the years and later this year they are headlining a great thrash metal tour that is hitting the UK for a few dates. Supporting them in October are relentless Brazilian female touring machine Nervosa, Enforcer from Sweden and the superb Arizona natives Flotsam & Jetsam, who are releasing another of this years most anticipated albums for me next Friday.


In this day and age of advanced music technology, even though my CD of the album is in transit to my front door from some Amazon warehouse, I will still be able to listen to some of the album on my 5am drive to work via Spotify or Amazon’s AutoRip facility.


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