I’m at a bit of a loose end this Sunday evening after a few hours of TV sport came to an end, so after pressing play on the iPod the title track of Kreator’s 1997 release Outcast is the first one to play on a random playlist.

Quite ironic for today as I’ve spent an hour or so looking at prices and flight times for a few European shows towards the back end of this year and even into February 2017. And those 2017 dates happened to be Kreator.

Outcast was released during the bands experimental decade and very few fans of the band that I know have many good words to say for the wilderness years of 1992 to 2000, but thrash metal was on a downward spiral at the time and even the household names of the genre were trying different things. Over the course of four albums the band tried to mix in industrial elements on the first couple and more gothic metal influences on the later. Violent Revolution released in 2001 saw the band return to their traditional thrash metal roots and they haven’t really looked back since.

Even though the albums from that near decade long period are derided Phobia, taken from this very album, has been in the bands live set on a regular basis and played over 550 times by the band in its almost twenty year life span.

There is no video for Outcast as it wasn’t released as a single and it’s only been played live half a dozen times or so since its release. Taken from the same album,  Leave This World Behind and Black Sunshine have had more airings live than Outcast.




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