This one is a bit of a cheat as the first song played through the iPod today, but what the hell. Today’s “random” track is Powerslave by the one and only Iron Maiden. I was part way through a Maiden playlist and this is where I left off last night.

As Metallica appear to be entrenched in the States and only playing odd stadium shows here and there, it appears seeing them live this year is uneconomical for me. Therefore 2016 has been christened the year of Maiden!

I can’t recall too many times in recent years where both bands have played close together in Europe. Maybe the last time was the last edition of the UK version of Sonisphere? I can’t recall both bands appearing at the same festival over here during the same weekend, besides the worst kept secret of the weekend when Metallica played a shortened “secret” set at Download 2003. Thankfully it means I can direct my time and effort at one major band a year. Hopefully 2017 will be the year of Metallica?

I get to see Maiden again twice this summer which pleases me, but I keep looking at the tour dates and think can I do any more? I did look into the Madrid date earlier today, but so far all its involved has been looking. It doesn’t feel like almost two months since we were in the snow and ice of Ontario.

As mentioned in the ramblings about Toronto, the new stuff worked really well in the set, but as someone with a penchant for the last three 80’s releases, Powerslave – the song – was the pinnacle of the set. It didn’t get any better than this. Close, but no cigar.

This live version is, I think (embarrassingly it’s been that long since I sat down and watched it) is from the Live After Death video, a bygone era when the band had more hair and a love for spandex, but three decades later they still bound around the stage with almost the same youthful exuberance. When the World Slavery tour passed through Stoke-on-Trent on September 26th 1984 I was only 11, needless to say I never saw them on this cycle. Actually it’d be another couple of years before I’d even know who Iron Maiden were.

I played the double vinyl to death and wore out the VHS cassette when I first had them. It’s a good job that CDs and DVDs are much more robust. The album only spanned five releases, but to me it was like a greatest hits release.


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