Iron Maiden

A bit misleading for you as this Iron Maiden isn’t by Iron Maiden, nor is it a cover version.

The month of May has been a stupendous month for new albums from some of thrash metals stalwarts and a few up and coming bands. Actually it’s been a cracking calendar year if you take into account For All Kings, begrudgingly Dystopia and from the end of last year Repentless, and that’s just three of the “Big 4.”

Last week saw the new one from Destruction delivered in the mail. This morning my drive to work will probably be the new self titled Flotsam & Jetsam album via Spotify, but it could so easily have been more Teutonic thrash from Assassin. Next Friday sees a new albums from Mortillery and Bay Area veterans Death Angel drop through the letter box.

This band from sunny Phoenix, Arizona are probably more famous for an ex member in the form of Jason Newstead, who went on to enjoy a 15 year tenure with Metallica after Cliff Burton’s tragic death in 1986.

Flotsam & Jetsam are a band I only got to see live for the first time in 2014. In February of that year they were on a four band package headlined by Sepultura along with Legion of the Damned and opened up by the aforementioned Mortillery. The Munich show was a mini festival where the Suicidal Angels tour added another four bands. That Saturday afternoon and evening under the Backstage roof was fantastic. Later that year they played Bloodstock, their first British date for 26 years. And just like buses they were back on UK soil less than nine months later and I saw them deliver a thrash metal master class to the sparse crowd in the Nuneaton Queens Hall.

What seems to be all the rage in this day and age, here’s the lyric video for their track Iron Maiden. I’m guessing it’s a cheap and easy way to get something interesting onto YouTube and social media.


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