R.I.P. Nick Menza

So 2016 continues to keep the grim reaper busy. I’ve been out for most of the day, but before I left there was speculation that ex Megadeth drummer Nick Menza had passed away.

Unfortunately these weren’t spurious rumours, and sadly Nick had passed away due to heart failure whilst on stage with his current band OHM who were performing at The Baked Potato in California. Scarily he was only 51, just nine years older than I am now.

Menza was part of the Megadeth family for a decade and played on four albums with Dave Mustaine. This period between 1988 and 1998 is probably the bands most commercially successful era in their career. He was unceremoniously dumped from the drum stool when he had to step away from the band due to having to have a benign tumour in his knee removed mid tour. When the band came to record Risk his touring replacement Jimmy DeGrasso was retained. He was invited back in 2004, but this reunion was over within a day when Mustaine said he want physically prepared for a full US tour.

Nick would have been the drummer when I first saw the band at Birmingham’s NEC in 1991.
Sweating Bullets is taken from the bands 1992 album Countdown to Extinction.


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