10.000 Ways To Spread My Hate


Well I had a brain wave about an hour ago. With all this football going on I could do a post associated with that days matches. Original ain’t it? Well I’ve got five matches left to have a crack at it, and leaving it so late means I haven’t got to delve into Albania’s rich musical heritage!!

As I’m currently watching the Germany vs Italy quarter final and by sheer coincidence I posted a German band earlier here’s an insight into something from lo Stivale.

I thought I might have struggled a bit with something Italian, but I’ve seen a few bands from the country in recent months. Methedras supported Morgoth – another German vs Italian match up. Sofisticator were on before Solstice in London, and I caught half a set from Sadist at Hellfest. This ended up being a straight cage fight between the cities of Ferrara and Turin. After three gruelling rounds the referee held aloft the hand of victory of the Torinessi.

Here’s a blast of Azzurri styled thrash metal from Ultra-Violence. They released their second album Deflect The Flow last year and like their debut album the art work was done by the one and only Ed Repka, and as the band name suggests they are heavily influenced by the imagery of Alex DeLarge and his gag of droogs.

I’m yet to see these guys live, something that I hope to rectify sooner rather than later. Coincidentally, Game Over, the runners up in this cage match, are on my live radar in September when they play the Thrash or be Thrashed festival.

10.000 Ways To Spread My Hate is taken from their 2013 debut album Privilege To Overcome. When I saw the cover of this album on a shirt I just had to purchase one. Anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that I am a complete merchandise junkie.


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