Mass Confusion

The first band I saw on the first day of Hellfest were young German thrashers Dust Bolt. I unfortunately missed the start of their half hour set as the sea of people trying to get into the main arena was absolutely horrendous. We had hoped to be in their in time for Delain on one of the pair of main stages, but we ended up viewing them on the huge side screens from within the confines of our sloth like melee.

So far their one and only show on UK soil was bizarrely opening for Obituary on their European tour back in February 2015. They were very impressive in London and made it worth getting in to the venue early for.

For an early 11:40am start with another 14 hours ahead for the festival faithful, they drew a very healthy crowd on the Altar stage. They sounded like they had a bit more of a punk / hardcore edge to their live sound from what I remember from seeing them 17 months ago.

Yet again, as in the 80’s, Germany is leading the way for European re-thrash metal, but in this era there is some really solid competition from the rest of the continent. Very few of them are doing anything overtly different from what was done in the genre three decades ago, but they all do it with precision and youthful exuberance.

Album number three, Mass Confusion, actually surfaces this coming Friday so this reminds me that I need to get it ordered soon as.


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