Overkill III (Under The Influence)


Meanwhile on America’s east Coast New Jersey’s finest sons Overkill are releasing Under The Influence. Hello From The Gutter taken from thIs album is still firmly embedded in their live set almost three decades later.

Much like Slayer, I never seem to tire of seeing Overkill live. Both bands were at Hellfest, and I’ve seen both a fair few times over the last 18 months and their set lists haven’t changed dramatically but unlike some bands I could mention they give it their all gig after gig, rather than looking a tad disinterested and just going though the motions. Overkill in particular always seem to be enjoying themselves up on that stage.

As a “rebellious” fourteen or fifteen year old I got hooked on to Overkill with their F**k You 12″ that came out a year or so earlier, just due to the fact that it involved swearing and a cover that could offend parents I had to listen to it, so that piece of vinyl was my gateway into the band.  And 28 years later I just had to buy that shirt when I saw it up for sale on their mercy stall in Manchester. Even at 42 though I still daren’t wear it around my parents!!

Like so many bands from this period though, their visits to UK shores seemed to dry up during the 1990’s and it was a further 14 years after this album was released before I got to see them.

For a guy who had a stroke on stage 14 years ago, frontman Bobby Blitz certainly bounds around the stage more energetically than some people half of this 57 year olds age. And long standing bassist D.D. Verni just oozes “cool”. Looking like someone straight out of Sons of Anarchy he just struts his stuff every night on stage.

Hello From The Gutter was posted a few months back, so do yourself a favour and scroll back and gave a look at it. Here’s the closing track on the album Overkill III (Under The Influence).


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