Manifest Decimation

At the airport on the way home from Hellfest we were discussing who was our band of the weekend, as all anal retentive metal geeks seem to do. All the usuals got a mention – Slayer, Testament, Refused, etc. After the briefest of hesitations I blurted out Texan band Power Trip. I’m pretty confident that no one else in my group went to see them, but they missed out on a band for the future. To be honest though it would have been harder to think of a band who’d put in a bad performance during our 45 hours in Clisson.

My Sunday itinerary stared at 11:40am for French thrashers Agressor, followed by Back Track, Turnstile and Power Trip at the Warzone. We weren’t even off the bus by the time Agressor finished. As stated several time already the queue to get in was huge, so we though we’d let it “die down” for half an hour. Unfortunately it didn’t die down and only seemed to increase, so I missed Back Track and more annoyingly Turnstile for a third time. I took a spot in front of the stage about 5 minutes before the opening strains of Manifest Decimation came though the PA.

Their 40 minute set was jaw droppingly superb and so intense. They’re another thrash metal / crossover band that have found a home within the hardcore community. They’ve taken every band that have influenced them and thrown it into a massive melting pot – Slayer, Obituary, Metallica, Leeway, Black Flag, Cro-Mags, Sick Of It All… And they have something for everyone. Songs with riffs and solos, songs with breakdowns. Songs to mosh to, songs to slam to, songs to pogo to. All the bases covered.

They played their debut UK shows at the end of May and I regret not making more of an effort to drive to Leeds to see them, more annoyingly as I was off work that particular week. For their Birmingham show I was double booked with my last minute jaunt to Munich. Hopefully they’ll be back in the very near future and if you like thrash or hardcore then you must go and see them on stage. You will not be disappointed.


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