So this weekend has been a pretty quiet weekend filled with TV sport. The British Grand Prix and Wimbledon Final are done and now a few hours to wait for the UEFA Euro 2016 final. Back to grind of work tomorrow, but only for four days then it’s off to a (currently) warmer and drier Netherlands, which will also be my first gig since I returned from Hellfest. After so long without a show it feels like I am getting a bit stir crazy.

So with the football tonight here’s the first band representing the pair of finalists. Here’s some old school thrash metal from the Portuguese Algarve, or Lagos to be more precise.

I don’t know much about Prayers Of Sanity as their Facebook page is pretty unused over the last year or so. They’ve released two very good albums in 2009 and 2012, so I’m assuming they’re still an active band. Like so many bands like this I discovered them on one of my many boring Sunday mornings sitting in front of the PC just searching for new music. Debut album Religion Blindness was the first thing I found by these guys.

For along time I was under the impression that Manowar – the band from New York City – were Portuguese. I think it was my dad who mentioned it for whatever reason as he was associating the band name with the jellyfish line creature of the same name – a Portuguese man o’ war. I was quite pleased on my one and only trip to the country that I was going to a place where a band I was listening to at the time was from.

Dehumanizer is lifted from the bands sophomore release Confrontations.


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