Due to Life Of Agony drummer Sal Abruscato breaking his collar bone a few weeks ago the festival had to find a replacement in double quick time. Using UK events as a guide I wasn’t expecting anything of any note. In the past Bloodstock have just upgraded a band from the second stage. This year Download who had Motörhead on the bill promised something special in their place, apparently it turned out to be a video montage. The Dynamo Metal Fest has pulled a gigantic rabbit out of the hat. 

Stepping into the fray at short notice are none other than the Floridian rednecks and death metal pioneers Obituary. The quartet absolutely levelled all the venues that they performed in as part of last years Deathcrusher jaunt. A few weeks ago they were announced for the Battle of the Bay’s European trek in October, co-headlined by Exodus with Prong and King Parrot in tow. A fantastic package at a reasonable price, so off to Manchester and Birmingham I will be going. 


There’s been a switchero on the line up with them taking what was Sacred Reich’s slot as they’ve now been bumped up a couple of places. Their allocated set length is 50 minutes and if they are on form, which they undoubtedly will be, the bands who have to follow them will be quaking in their boots. Mrs Tardy’s little boys will absolutely devastate the Ijssportcentrum Eindhoven to its foundations. 

I must say I was slightly miffed as I was looking forward to seeing Life Of Agony again, I even put the exclusive UK shirt to one side since March especially for this occasion. But I suppose their replacement is pretty adequate. I certainly wouldn’t be asking for my €10’s back! 

Insane is lifted from the bands 2005 come back album Frozen In Time, which was released on July 12th (anyone would thing I plan this stuff!). 



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