Down to the final three bands appearing in Eindhoven this weekend. Moving up the line up slightly due to Life of Agony’s misfortune are Arizona’s political thrashers Sacred Reich. 

Like London buses you wait forever and two turn up together. Before Hellfest I’d only seen them once and that was in London four years ago. Now in the space of 30 days I will have seen Phil Rind, Greg Hall, Jason Rainey and Wiley Arnett twice. 

That solitary show at the Underworld actually means I have seen one third of their shows on UK soil since 1991. Three British gigs in a quarter of a century isn’t exactly prolific, but in the three years between 1989 and 1991 they played in excess of twenty shows over here. Hopefully in the very near future they’ll play Britain – and not just London. 

They would go down a storm in Manchester’s Sound Control venue and I’d even hazard a guess that the crowd would be hanging from the rafters and be more appreciative than some of the apathetic crowds I have encountered in our nations capital. Quite a lot of London crowds seem very spoilt by the sheer amount of bands that roll into the city and it seems that they are prepared to give a show a wide berth as they know they’ll potentially be back next time they tour.  

Current Machine Head drummer Dave McClain was a member of the band for a few years and was involved with the album Independent that this track is taken from, along with the bands fourth and final release Heal. 



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