In My World


Headlining the whole Dutch shebang are thrash metal veterans Anthrax. A band I have a real soft spot for and I have done since I first heard them in probably 1987. 

I had a quick tally up of my ‘Thrax shows over the last two years. Since they did a one off headline show in Dublin and culminating at their special guests slot on this years Bloodstock festival I reckon ive clocked up a reasonably impressive 5,656 miles following the band. Ten shows in five countries by the time I hit my own bed on August 15th after the closest of the ten shows. 

Part of me really can’t get up and motivated to go and see them again at times, but the bulk of the bands I enjoy that are still touring are now reaching their 60’s – if not already beyond – so at some point there will be a whole slew of performers who will retire at a very similar time, and I don’t want to be complacent and wait to see them”next time” as that next time will inevitably not occur one day. And unlike some of my brethren I’m prepared to listen to the young pretenders who are basically paying homage to all the veterans I’ve grown up with and are prepared to carry the torch for their specific genres. 

Rather than post a track of a song that they will perform on Saturday here’s something from their back catalogue that wouldn’t go amiss in the live arena. Here’s In My World taken from Persistence Of Time.   



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