So I was just sitting around on this fine Thursday evening,  showing little interest in the Olympics on the goggle  box and flicking through social media I start to turn my attention to a relatively early night. Then out of the blue the social media universe explodes, implodes and explodes a bit more. 

Metallica have finished their new album, their first in eight years. It will be released later this year.  There is a new track available to download and probably stream somewhere. Apple Store – take my wife’s 99p and give it to me immediately! 

Apparently Hardwired… To Self-Destruct will be available worldwide on November 18th (that deluxe box would make a neat birthday present 10 days later wife of mine!). Bringing release dates into line worldwide has been a good move for music buyers, no need to hunt down a foreign version months before your domestic version is issued. But as someone who’s been brought up on a Monday release Friday still takes a bit of getting used to though. 

Anyway, back on topic. The new album has a running time in the region of 80 minutes over two discs. The first track – Hardwired, here for your aural pleasure – is a sub four minute belter. With a total of 12 tracks there are going to be some tunes of an epic length. It’s going to be interesting to see if the currently unheard 76 minutes stands up to scrutiny next to superb releases in the last calendar year from Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax – the self confessed Big 4. 

After a few listens it still has that Death Magnetic vibe to it, but it just bombs along and is over before you know it without over staying its welcome. Easily one of the shortest album tracks since the Load / Reload era in the mid 90’s, I’d even hazard a guess that it’s the shortest song of theirs to be featured on an album. 

All we need now is some tour announcements. Fingers crossed they don’t plump for the festival circuit again. I wouldn’t mind a mini vacation to the States. Germany would be nice too. Maybe Italy?  Holland?



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