Miserable Failure 

Later today I’m hoping to be partaking in another Star & Garter sweat box meeting where I’ll be reunited with Iron Reagan in the Manchester venue for the second time in a little over 13 months. Assuming that I don’t have the expected post bank holiday chaos throwing a huge spanner in the works. 

Last August these Virginian crossover thrashers decimated the place with a half hour blast of noise to what seemed like a well over capacity room. On that day it was my second show of the day and by far the sweatiest with the most enthusiastic crowd – and quite a few who had the same idea. 

For a band that only formed in 2012 their fan base is much bigger than you’d expect. The majority of this is due to the pedigree of the other bands that Iron Reagan are assembled from. Even though they have two albums out via A389 and Relapse Records and a few EP’s they are very much a side project of Municipal Waste, Darkest Hour and Cannabis Corpse – who themselves are yet another off shoot of Municipal Waste. 

For a Manchester show I have little information on who else is playing and there generally seems to have been a lack of information out there. They do have that cult diehard following and Manchester appears to have a better reputation for attendances than most other UK cities, so hopefully the bank holiday hangover doesn’t detract from the general attendance. 

Miserable Failure is lifted from the most recent disc The Tyranny of Will released in 2014. Clocking in at a massive two minutes and fourteen seconds in length this is the second longest track on the record. Twenty four tracks all done and dusted in under thirty two minutes. Their on stage time might be short again but they will cram in more songs in the same amount of time that a prog rock band takes to play two songs. 



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