Fields Of The Fallen


Slough – a town 20 miles or so to the west of London. A place I’ve only been to once for a Doctor Who “convention” a few years ago. It’s a place most famous for being the setting of British TV comedy The Office. It also happens to be the home of one of the UK’s best up and coming thrash metal bands Divine Chaos. 

Besides the buzz from those in the know surrounding the group I don’t know much more about this five piece. The one thing I do know is that I managed to miss them every time they performed at a venue where I was in attendance. I got there late when they supported Sodom in London. After making the trip to Norwich earlier this year for Thrashersaurus I missed them again. When they played their gig in Liverpool with Gama Bomb I was double booked. 

Fortunately I was there in time to see them demolish the Sophie tent at this years Bloodstock festival. They were easily in my top 6 performances over the weekend. So impressive for such a young band. But can I call them young still? They’ve been knocking around for a decade now, honing their live show with some relentless touring schedules. 

On Friday – assuming I get a pass on my sixteenth wedding anniversary from the other half – I’ll be jumping on a train to Nuneaton to catch the band for the second time in nineteen days when they support Diamond Head. Apart from the obvious Metallica connections I’m not really a fan of the Stourbridge band, but I don’t mind paying £13 to see the future of British thrash metal. Plus not having to be there to the bitter end gives me plenty of options to get back home at a reasonable time as I’m at work on the Saturday. 

If you like this track then checkout the band’s Facebook page and grab a copy of their debut album A New Dawn in the Age of War. 



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