Nothing Else Matters


September 2nd 2000 – one of those dates indelibly etched into my brain. The day my braces didn’t hold up my trousers properly!!

It was a day spent with family – several now no longer with us and dearly missed. A day spent with friends -some of whom have now taken a different path. 

Around this time sixteen years ago I’d been a married man for a couple of hours and nervously not looking forward to our first dance in front of family, friends, colleagues and quite a few strangers and stragglers. 

As the avid Metallica fan that I am, and a wife slowly being weaned into the way of San Francisco’s favourite sons, the mandatory carnage of a first dance had to be Nothing Else Matters. If I’d have been braver I might have opted for Battery, Officer Down or Angel of Death. 

With feet my size I come across as a right clumsy oaf with zero coordination (which is correct) and I’m not exactly confident in front of large amounts of people. It felt like the longest six and a half minutes I have endured in my life. It was probably the first time I’ve danced in public and with my pig headedness I probably haven’t danced in the intervening years, incurring many elbows to the ribs and a few strong words thanks to my reluctance. 

Having a quick flick through the photos from the day it looks like I had a fine mop of hair and I didn’t seem to smile all that much. Sixteen years further down the line and the hair is minimal and I still don’t smile all that much. 

This song isn’t within striking distance of an imaginary top ten of Metallica songs, it’s not even their best power ballad, but it covered the bases for the wedding night and did its job. I didn’t think it meant too much to me, but as I was standing in the snake pit right at the front of the stage as they lurched into this track during their Sonisphere appearance in 2014 some dust flew into my eye making them water profusely for a couple of minutes, as dust particles tend to do. 

So happy silver holloware anniversary to my wonderful wife. If I knew what holloware is I’d have got you some! This is for you and here’s looking forward to the furniture year (but more realistically the china year). 

Today. Tomorrow. Forever. 


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