In a change to today’s planned schedule I’m probably going to jump on a train and spend the majority of the day up in Manchester.

I’d much rather have been seeing Exumer and bands of a more thrash metal orientation, but alas that isn’t in the runes today. Alternatively I’m going to be indulging in some melodic death metal with some Japanese Samurai Bushido influences from a band based in Tampere, Finland, an odd combination if ever there was one. 

I caught the last half of their set on the second stage at Bloodstock a month or so ago and I went to see them on the strength of the Oriental and melodic death metal mash up. I’d checked out a couple of songs from their latest release Metsutan – Songs from the Void out of curiosity beforehand and was pretty impressed. The melodi-death sound of the band isn’t exactly reinventing the wheel within the genre, but the use of the Japanese folk instruments overlaid in the mix makes it stand out a bit more than your average Scandinavian band in the same vein. Even the imagery of the group performing live all clad in kimonos makes them something a little bit left field of the pack. 

I’m sure I read that last months appearance in the Bloodstock dōjō was their first time performing in this country (I also could have imagined that fact) so when this run of UK dates popped up it was one show I had to experience in full, especially as my weekend was now unexpectedly free. The gig is only going to cost a fiver to get in so a cheap night to be had under the Star & Garter roof yet again with a glass of saki held aloft. 

Strike! can be located on the aforementioned Metsutan release from May of this year. 




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