Die By My Hand


On Friday Zurich trio Coroner issue their first new release in 21 years, unfortunately it won’t contain any new material, but I already have the DVD and CD package on pre order with Amazon. Autopsy is a retrospective look on the years since the band’s comeback in 2010, with some tasty extras included. The bonus material I’m looking forward to most is the inclusion of their Live in East Berlin video that has only been available on VHS cassette since its 1990 release. 

The East Berlin set was part of a four band package that was apparently the first metal gig played in the Eastern side of Berlin since the wall was breached. Also on the lineup headlined by Kreator were fellow Germans Tankard and Sabbat from the UK. All four bands released their full sets on VHS, along with selected cuts being featured on the video compilation Thrashing East and on vinyl as part of the Doomsday News III album. 

After Friday only Sabbat’s performance will not be readily available on an official DVD or Blu Ray release, which is a shame as it’s been so long since I’ve been able to watch the Thrashing East video from the comfort of my couch and I don’t own a copy of their End of the Beginning tape – not that I’d be able to watch it anymore on my TV. The Kreator set can be found on their At the Pulse of Kapitulation DVD and Open All Night… Reloaded has the Tankard portion of the show.  


This live version of my favourite Coroner track is taken from No More Color – Live in East Berlin, to give it its full title. The studio version can, unsurprisingly, be found on their third album No More Color. 


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