Division Of Blood


Off down to that there Londinium again on Sunday for some thrash metal. Just incase I get withdrawal symptoms when I return to the frozen northern wastelands I get to do it all again five days later!

Just like the last time Suicidal Angels toured their sole British date was in the sweaty Underworld – and unfortunately like last time I’ll will have to bid adieu before the Athenian thrashers hit the stage  (thank you train companies for thinking people might not want to leave the nations capital for the north earlier than 9pm) and much like last time I’m hoping to catch the tour a bit further down the line  in Europe somewhere. 

I’ve missed them more times than I’ve seen them, but every show they were billed on has had a fantastic line up. London 2014 they headlined over fellow Greeks Exarsis, Lost Society from Finland and Fueled by Fire from California. I believe they were debut UK shows for those bands. I missed them earlier this year when they played the pre party gig for the Dynamo Metal festival. Originally we should have been staying over on the Friday in Eindhoven, but circumstances dictated we commuted there from Amsterdam. 

My pair of Suicidal Angel’s gigs have both been in Deutschland. The last time I saw them was a few weeks later on from the above London show when their tour joined forces with the Sepultura tour for a mini festival in Munich where the Brazilians headlined and Legion of the Damned, Flotsam & Jetsam and Mortillery were added to the bill. 


My debut viewing was in Berlin when they were the opening act on the Thrash Fest 2010 jaunt. This is amongst my most memorable shows, with Death Angel and Exodus following on, then the night was brought to a crushing finale by Kreator. 


Division of Blood was unleashed upon the thrash world earlier this year through NoiseArt Records. 



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