Heaven Can Wait


A quick post and a “happy birthday” to my favourite Iron Maiden album Somewhere in Time released 30 years ago today – 29th September 1986. 

It’s one of the first Maiden albums I heard and has stuck with me through thick and thin for nearly three decades. The artwork and general packaging is glorious – Derek Riggs’ finest hour? I spent many an hour drooling over the artwork searching for the references and in jokes. The songs are an added bonus. The accompanying tour is one I would dearly wanted to have been able to attend, but I was only 12 when it hit the Victoria Hall and I’d never heard of Iron Maiden in 1986! It’s such a travesty that after the gigantic World Slavery tour the band didn’t record a full show for a future live release. 

I gushed a bit about this album in the second or third post on this blog nearly a year ago – go and have a search for Stranger in a Strange Land. It’s not really irony, but almost, that this week has been quite an Iron Maiden themed seven days. 

Last week their first arena tour on home turf for six years was announced for 2017. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, but I already have tickets in the bag for four of their thirteen British and Irish dates thanks to being a member of their fan club, the second time fan club exclusivity has aided me in three days. Even before tickets have reached general sale a second London show has been added due to “phenomenal demand”. 

This live version of the Somewhere in Time album track Heaven Can Wait is taken from the Flight 666 DVD and recorded during their Somewhere Back In Time tour of 2008 and 2009. 


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