Bad For Good


Its looking like the main support act for the majority of the Suicidal Angel’s tour are Toronto metallers Skull Fist and the band from the four perfirming on Sunday that I have no knowledge of. 

I’m a bit fussy when it comes to the power metal and speed metal genres – I much prefer heads down and balls out thrash. 

As I’m seeing them in two days I though I’d better give them ago to see if I’ve missed out on a hidden gem. Pressing play on the first track I came across on YouTube  (Bad For Good) I thought the track had been labelled up wrong with its almost Bon Jovi esque drum crashing intro. Musically it straddles the early heavy metal sound, and the NWOBHM era in particular, but almost bleeds into the heavier end of the hair metal scene of the 80’s. The vocals remind me of someone but I just can’t think who, and the cowboy boots nearly shove it into the hair metal arena. 

Viewing a few more videos they definitely  do have a heavier edge to their sound than the first one I viewed. The falsetto vocals are going to drive a wedge between those that like and dislike, but these Canuks certainly can play their instruments. In a time when retro sounds are all the rage a few of these songs wouldn’t sound out of place on a 7″ piece of  black vinyl with a logo from Neat, Heavy Metal Records or Rave-On emblazoned on the cover, but with a much more polished and precise sound.  

Tomorrow I’ll see if I have time to procure their two albums and give them a proper listen. Failing that I will approach their set with mild trepidation and an open mind. If nothing else musically shines through for me it looks like it should be a lot of fun in the Underworld. 


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