Pulses Of Pleasure 


I was a bit too busy to get a post out yesterday and when I was able to sit and write I was too tired to concentrate properly – the joys of a six day a week job that starts at 5am each day. 

Second band on the Suicidal Angel’s bill are the Belgian speed metal band named after a Razor album – Evil Invaders. 

The quartet have been a band for almost a decade, so far releasing one full length album (Pulses of Pleasure) and two EPs.  Very much like the previous Skull Fist post, Evil Invaders pay homage to many of their influences from the 80’s but have much more thrash metal grit and speed compared to their Canadian touring compadres. 

Tonight will be my second time seeing the band after I first saw them supporting Destruction on the German bands Thrash United tour in 2014. Their four dates on that tour was their first experience of the UK and they’ve played another two shows in London in the intervening time. 

There was a chance I could have seen the band as part of the Into the Grave festival but they were on the stage under the shadows of the local church a bit to early for us and we were still on a train to the festival site. 

I’m really looking forward to seeing these guys again tonight and hopefully picking up a copy of their latest EP In For The Kill which I believe is currently only available at shows and limited to a thousand copies. 


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