Ultra Thrash


Opening up proceedings with the first half hour of music tonight are Catalan thrashers Crisix – a bit of a bittersweet moment for me regarding the opening acts on this tour. 

I’m so pleased to get to see Crisix live again after I saw them in their own backyard nearly two years ago opening for Tankard in Barcelona, and tonight I will be witnessing their fist appearance on a British stage. The opening slot on the tour is split between these guys for the first seventeen shows, after Brescia they give way to Canadian’s Mortillery who I really, really want to see again – more about that in the next few days. It’s a shame it wasn’t a five band package for all thirty shows. 

Originally called Crysys and formed back in 2008, they released their debut album The Menace in 2011 (the album where Ultra Thrash is taken from) under the Crisix moniker after they were legally forced to change name due to the Crysis computer game. 

Their third album From Blue to Black was released earlier this year and all three have been very solid and competent slabs of revivalist thrash metal. They’ve reminded me of Anthrax in the past, and this was compounded when I saw them perform I’m The Man live, and a band like Gama Bomb where they can thrash hard but still have an element of tongue in cheek fun mixed in. 

I’m on a train from Stoke just after 3pm down to London and I’ll be on a train home as the headliners stroll on to the small Underworld stage, but when there are bands of the quality of Crisix and Evil Invaders preceding them the extra effort and cash out lay is well worth it. 

Unlike many of their European thrash metal brethren Crisix don’t seem to have had the breaks or opportunities some have had, but I’m sure their time will come for one of Europe’s best kept secrets and the first Spanish band to feature in this blog. 


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