Soul Collector


Manchester will be subjected to a devastating thrash attack from tomorrow nights headliners Destruction. The German Teutonic thrashers are overseeing a four band package trundling its way through Europe for twenty nine shows in a relentless thirty two days. 

Like their fellow countrymen in Kreator and Sodom (and many of the non American and British thrash bands of the day) their early output was a pretty basic din with no finesse in sight. Once they all got more proficient with their respective tools all the bands tightened up into much more palatable acts. 

Thursday evening will be my seventh time seeing the band, the first time being at Satan’s Hollow in Manchester in 2007. The whole tour seemed to be doomed from day one. I’m lead to believe a promoter messed things up, some shows were moved, some were cancelled and promotion seemed non existent. 

The Destruction gig in Manchester was also my first visit to this venue. The stage is like some band stand has been stolen from the nearest park and they perform under the canopy with the band playing in the round with the fans vying for a decent view, but that wasn’t too difficult with the few people in there. The rest of the venue is “decorated” like something from a Hellraiser film set. 

Since that tour they’ve surprisingly been back numerous times and each time I’ve seen them since the crowds and performances have improved. I get to see the band twice this week and I’m already scheduled to see them again next year when they make a return visit to North Wales for Hammerfest in March. In 2017 I’m actually due to see all four of the so called Teutonic Big 4 when they all appear on British stages. Before Hammerfest Kreator and Sodom play separately in February and in September Tankard grace a stage in Scotland for the very first time in their career. If no show closer to my home is announced I’ll be taking a train ride to the wrong side of Hadrian’s Wall. 

Soul Collector is the bludgeoning opening track from the bands ninth album Inventor of Evil released in 2005 – it certainly doesn’t feel like it’s eleven years old already! 



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