Now that I’ve lowered the tone a bit and reminisced about days of old it’s time to get a bit more up to date and have a look at some of the upcoming gigs that I may, or may not, be attending over the next couple of weeks. 

First up it’s possible that I could be inside Mama Roux’s in Birmingham for the Trap Them show. Until last night I’d not heard anything by the band and I’m still trying to figure out if the music I know to travel time ratio is worth the effort. My main reason for going was to catch South Wales heavyweights Venom Prison for the third time this year. 

I stumbled upon the band during the Rituals Festival in Leeds earlier this year. They just finished their sound check and launched into a blistering death metal and hardcore hybrid. Besides Grave who were my main reason for going over the Pennines, I didn’t know many of the other bands on the line up and thanks to a hold up on the motorway, a bit of car trouble, some blustery snow on the high ground and the obligatory getting lost in Leeds I managed to miss those bands. 

They supported Renounced in the Star & Garter a month or so ago and it was another no nonsense blitzkrieg on the Manchester crowd. They played their set with zero interaction with the audience then promptly walked off the rickety stage. Job done. 

Debut album Animus hit the shelves last Friday via the Prosthetic label and I’m yet to snag a copy. But if the two live performances are any indication of what to expect then there with be plenty of death metal with some hardcore style slow bits  with growls and screeches supplied by Larissa Stupar in abundance. Imagine a much more unforgiving and brutal Arch Enemy mixed with Walls of Jericho – but better on both counts – and you wouldn’t be too far off. 

It’s so weird seeing bands like this that transverse genres and scenes effortlessly. The hardcore kids love them as much as the death metal brethren do. Unlike some of the more hardcore sounding metal core bands, Venom Prison sit in the death metal camp much more easily. Pummelling death metal punctuated with hardcore breakdowns – and it works. 

It’s 50/50 at the moment if I’m in Birmingham on Wednesday evening, but if I am I’m witnessing a shining light of the future within the UK musical scene. They’ve only been together for a few years and already getting rave reviews in the major metal magazines. 


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