Dead City 


It’s been one of those days that just snowballed into a huge pile of frustration. I left home for work just before 5am this morning and stepped back through the door twelve hours later. If I’m out in the evening on a “school night” I’ll try and have a few hours kip. Today I wasn’t able to do that so Venom Prison had to bite the bullet.  

Anyway onwards and upwards and time to start looking forward to a brief train trip to Manchester to catch up with the Anvil tour. 

I have zero interest in the Canadian headliners – they’ve just never fired my imagination. I’ve listened to odd songs here and there and I’ve seen them once in 2012 in a Derbyshire field. I’ve also missed them purposely many more times, most recently when the supported Udo Dirkschneider in Buckley back in April. 

So why am I going to an Anvil show you might ask. Well it’s purely for the support band Rezet. Until they were announced as support I was more than happy to stay at home watching TV, but now I’ll be on a train to Manchester at 7pm. 

This will be at least the third time these Schleswig thrashers have visited these shores and because of the odd scheduling and places they played I’ve missed them in 2011 and 2012 (I don’t think they’ve been here in the last four years but I may be wrong). 

Rezet mix some Bay Area thrash influences with their youthful exuberance and throw in a heavy dose of their native Teutonic thrash scene, especially with Ricky Wagner’s Schmier esq vocals. I’m really looking forward to catching these upstarts for the first time, and as I’m off work next week you never know I may pop up elsewhere on their pretty extensive UK run. 

Dead City is taken from their third and most recent release Reality Is A Lie that came out earlier this year. 



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