Happy birthday to this blog,

Happy birthday to this blog…

Twelve months ago I was sitting in this exact same spot debating the idea in my head about reinventing the blog that I just got bored of doing some years beforehand. Twelve months and 323 posts later I’m still tapping away on my iPhone with my right thumb reliving memories from my 15,669 days on this rock. On Jukebox 20 I think this was the fourth or fifth song to be posted and from memory out of those first few only Love Shack by the B-52’s hasn’t made a return visit. 

I’m still enjoying it and it’s helping to achieve what I wanted to get out of it. It’s not the most widely read blog on WordPress but it’s turning into a bit of a diary and expanding my mind. Where else would I have used some of the words written here – like bodacious – in my life time? So here’s to another twelve months. 

As its my one year anniversary here’s One from Metallica. Anyone would think I’ve been sitting on this song just for this occasion, and there is a little bit of truth in that as the calendar flipped closer to October 23rd. 

If Frankie Goes To Hollywood gave me the itch to immerse myself into the record buying culture then this release was probably the one that, as in the words of a 1984 7″ released by Poison Idea, let me become part of the Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes club! 

As much of a completist I’d like to be it’s no longer a priority or a necessity to own every single version of every release by all the bands I like. I spend time on and off logging my purchases over the last 30 years on the Discogs site and there’s some money’s worth of vinyl sitting in a multitude of boxes and crates upstairs – well it is worth a lot as long as people are still searching and willing to pay for it. Looking on eBay and Facebook selling sites lately and perusing at what comes up it is absolutely eye watering what people are asking for stuff and what some are prepared to pay. I’m so glad I got the majority of what I did before prices sky rocketed. There are odd things id really like to add, but I’m too old to pay over the odds. 

My first “collectable” was the 12″ vinyl single with a gatefold sleeve (METG 512) of One that I picked up at a record fair held at the YMCA in Hanley. I can find this for sale online from anything from £9.99 right up to £44.49. As it stands now I think I own more than 25 versions of this release. 


This track was the third single from the album and first one that Metallica ever made a promotional video for. The quartet are filmed in a warehouse playing the song, interspersed with clips from the 1971 anti-war film Johnny Got His Gun (a film the band have since brought the rights to so that they don’t have to keep pay royalty fees). It’s the most performed track from the …And Justice For All era, and much like Enter Sandman and Master of Puppets, it has been played live at pretty much every gig since it was unleashed on the public. 


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