Like A Rat


On Tuesday the Battle of the Bays tour rolls onto British soil to demolish five venues before they head back into Europe. For those of you not in the know Australian’s King Parrot will be opening up this four band bill ahead of Prong, Exodus and Obituary. Easily one of the most eagerly anticipated packages seen over here this year. 

King Parrot will be a new revelation to me. They’ve been recommended to me by friends and as I’m catching the tour twice on Friday and Saturday I’ll most definitely see them at least once. 

Formed in Melbourne half a dozen years ago, and played about as many shows over here,  I should have seen these guys on the Soulfly tour earlier this year but it clashed with a Discharge gig, and I’m actually a bit loathe to waste my time and money with Max Cavalera when he never projects any interest in being on the stage the last few times I’ve seen him. 

Described as a “mixture of thrash metal, grindcore, sludge metal and early hardcore punk” and as “an intense live act” I’m quite looking forward to being within an academy venue shortly after the doors have opened. 

The Like A Rat video features a cameo by Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo, who owns Housecore Records who handled the release of the bands Dead Set album in the United States. 



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