Brotherhood Of The Snake


How fast does Sunday morning seem to come back around again? And this morning was with an bonus hour in bed thanks to the clocks going back with British summer time ending – an oxymoron if ever I saw one. Well these old bones are thoroughly aching this morning after almost twenty hours out of the house over the last two days catching a brace of Obituary, Exodus, Prong and King Parrot performances and some folk metal japery with Skyforger and Skiltron. I’m really not looking forward to my 3:40am alarm call tomorrow morning. 

When Monday rolls around though it’s another work day closer to another gig – if I can get myself motivated on a dank Monday evening in October (plus my football team are being shown on TV at the same time!). Tomorrow night is my first of two opportunities to catch Testament supporting Amon Amarth on their European jaunt. 

I finally got chance to listen to the full 46 minutes of Brotherhood of the Snake yesterday in the car down to the Second City. I’d heard some of the album in fits and starts whilst I was running errands on Friday, and it seemed a bit underwhelming – possibly due to me not being able to give it my full attention. 

In its first full run through it came across as a much more coherent release. The dual guitars riffs are there, the Atomic Clock is on form behind the drum kit and Chuck Billy’s guttural roars are supreme. I think I need to rediscover this albums two predecessors, as in comparison to this they felt like a hard slog to listen to. It doesn’t recapture the raw ferocity and youthful exuberance of The Legacy or The New Order, but it is a more refined incarnation for the Bay Area thrashers and another band still able to knock it out of the park 29 years after that stunning debut. 

As it stands on Sunday morning I’m 75/25 in favour of going tomorrow night, but as Monday unfolds and my mood deepens having to deal with pompous customers that will undoubtedly decrease. A second consecutive Saturday in Birmingham is looking much more likely. 

This lyric video is taken from their latest album, and no doubt there will be more Testament if, or when, I end up at Birmingham next weekend. 




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