Ghost Busters


If you can’t beat them you might as well join them!!

As predicted, national and local radio got into the “spirit” of Hallowe’en by playing spectacularly spooky songs at regular intervals. I’m pretty sure the combination of radio stations I listen to in my van have to share the same disc as it only appeared to be 1962’s Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett – a song once banned by the BBC for over a decade during the 60’s for being too morbid, Michael Jackson’s Thriller or Ghostbusters by the one hit wonder Ray Parker Jr. 

Released in 1984 as the theme tune for the first film of the Ghostbusters franchise, it peaked at number two for three weeks in September of that year on the UK singles Top 40 chart, kept off the summit by I Just Called to Say I Love You. 

It’s  been covered by numerous artists over the years, but the glaring omission from the songs Wikipedia entry is from Preston thrashers Xentrix. Even though I’ve possessed a copy of the original song at some point in time – I don’t think I have now though – this cover is the only version I own and play on any kind of regular basis. 


Originally released in 1990 the single gained some notoriety thanks to the  above original art work that had to be withdrawn due to copyright infringement. The song featured prominently in the bands live set in one way or another up until the end of 2014. During their last run with Acid Reign last year the song was omitted, despite numerous chants from the crowds. 

Talking of Xentrix, when they played last year they asked people to stay behind in the venue for a few minutes to hear a track from their newly recorded album. That was October 2015, since then and with zero explanation, the album hasn’t surfaced and the band seem to have disappeared off the face of the planet. Maybe one day we’ll get to hear album number five. The track I heard in Manchester sounded great, as did the songs thrown into their set,  so it’d be a shame that it never saw the light of day, even posthumously via some cried funding scheme if that’s the case. 


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