Flame Of The Antichrist


Time for some thrash metal! 

Tomorrow evening I’m hopping on a train to make the short trip to the Live Rooms in Chester to see veteran UK thrashers Onslaught. 

If I’m being brutally honest the vocals tend to be a bit hit and miss live. For a band that have been in existence on and off since 1982 time is obviously creeping up in the vocal department, as it is with any frontman who’s been using his vocal chords as a tool for more than thirty years. Having said that though there have been none of the previous thirteen shows where I’ve felt the urge to depart early due to the performance, time and travel restriction yes, but never performance. 

Wednesday’s show is almost at the end of an eighteen date trek pretty much covering the length and breadth of the United Kingdom and Ireland. The tour culminates with a headline appearance at Titan Fest in London with Warrior Soul and Hell amongst the bands fleshing out the all day line up. 

I was hoping to catch an earlier date on the tour in Derby, but the real world got in the way. An all day event in Manchester was also under consideration until the Siege and Dropdead show was announced. 

The big selling point for these shows for me is to finally see Flame of the Antichrist performed live. To celebrate the pearl anniversary of The Force the album is being played in its entitety. When I used to knock up compilation CD’s for the car I’d ask what tracks people wanted by specific bands and anytime an Onslaught track was requested Flame of the Antichrist was undisputedly the most popular choice. Since the late 80’s it’s been dusted off a few times on home turf, but (as far as I’m aware) never at a show I’ve attended. 

There are a few iffy bootleg videos of the song knock around on YouTube but nothing of a decent quality, so below is the audio of the track. 



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