Fallen Brother

Just like fabled London buses! Nothing for 50 days then 2 on the same day!! 

For me the album of the year has already been released – and we’re only 32 days into the year, but I could be pretty biased here. That could change when the Power Trip and Overkill albums drop, but I can’t think of many other bands who are scheduled to put out new music this year. It seems like all the big names (or those who I like) had new compact discs in the racks over the last eighteen months or so (Slayer, Metallica, Exumer, Destruction, Iron Maiden…. )

Five days ago saw Kreator’s 14th studio album Gods of Violence unleashed upon the World, and what a great 52 minutes of Teutonic thrash it is. I haven’t seen too many disconcerting voices towards the album, just a few attention seekers and those who would really like Pleasure to Kill XII in their CD player. 

The Essen terror crew were undoubtedly at their most extreme in the mid 80’s and early 90’s. They had their experimental phase just prior to the millennium, but since Violent Revolution surfaced in 2001 they have regained their German crown. You’re not going to get a carbon copy of Pleasure to Kill after 31 years. Mainstays Millie and Ventor have matured and improved, so all those early rough edges have disappeared, but the anger remains. 

I’m off work this week (even though I made an appearance there yesterday) and the first of Metallica’s four sold out Copenhagen shows fell conveniently in this time frame, and I have a slight obsession with the San Franciscan horsemen. 

From the middle of England getting to Denmark in good time isn’t exactly easy. The most straight forward route is from one of London’s airports, but that would include an early morning three hour drive each way or an added expense of an overnight hotel. 

Fortunately, or depending on who you are, unfortunately taking an extra day to get there via Eindhoven is a viable alternative. We’ll be in Copenhagen before noon on the day of the first show and there’s an added bonus of a Kreator show the evening before in the Netherlands in Tilburg’s impressive O13 venue. 

Tonight the European jaunt with Sepultura, Soilwork and Aborted kicks off in Metz, France and crushes Europe through to a hometown Essen show on March 4th. It might be a bit late to digest the set list before tomorrow’s event, but if the album release show that was streamed online is any indication we should be in for one hell of a show. Five new tracks were aired in Berlin and for the first time in three decades Total Death from the Endless Pain debut was played. 

The video for Fallen Brother surfaced a few days ago and is one of four songs to get a video made. It’s a great tribute to some of pop cultures and mainly heavy musics dearly departed. On their last tour they had projections of many of these heroes flickering on the back drop during Voices of the Dead. Now Lemmy, Prince and David Bowie have been added to this video with a few omissions from what I can recall. Grab a piece of paper and a pen and see how many of the photos you recognise. 


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