Now That We’re Dead

On Friday I get to see Metallica for the first time since the summer of 2015. The fallow seventeen months comes to an end tomorrow and to be honest it’s been a welcome break. 

I got to see the band an awful lot since 2004, but I’m not looking for any award as I know of some proper obsessive types who’ve been to pretty much every show they’ve done over the last few tours. I saw them eight times in 2009 and seeing a few shows every year since started getting a bit boring. As much as they chop and change some of the running order they’re still slotting in songs I’ve seen numerous times. 

I’m lucky to have seen the band in excess of thirty times over almost thirty years. Ive seen some great stage sets, some superb musicians and retained some great memories. Some people I know of have been to many more, but the majority of their shows have been in much more recent years. 

The show on February 3rd is the first event to be held at the newly opened Royal Arena in Copenhagen – which is something only 16,000 people will have the honour to say. I would have jumped at the chance to have attended the following three shows, but spending a week in one of Europe’s most expensive countries isn’t economically viable for this humble van driver. Plus there could be chances to see the band in other venues and countries by the end of the year. If I had been in the city for the duration though, a Kreator show falls between two Metallica shows and I would have 100% been inside the Amager Bio on Monday. 

It will also be my first visit to Denmark for well over a decade. The last time I was there with my wife it was a flying visit to the city to have a meal in the cities Hard Rock Cafe and well over a decade ago. It ended up being a day trip tagged onto a few days we were spending in Berlin. I can’t recall much of that trip to Copenhagen. We had food in the cafe on the first evening and the time we had the next day we went looking for the Hans Christian Anderson Little Mermaid statue. That was pretty uninspiring once we found it! Much smaller than we’d expected. Bright coloured buildings and Samsonite bags also seem to be consolidated in my hippocampus. 

Having lived with the tenth Metallica album for two and a half months now I can say it was a lot more impressive that I was expecting. For something so long (78 minutes) it does dip in energy here and there, but there are going to be some outstanding moments in the live set. And at least this time there will hopefully be four or five songs I’ve never experienced live, even though the old faithfuls of Enter Sandman, Nothing Else Matters, One and Master of Puppets will still be deep rooted in the set. 

I’ve actually not listened to Hardwired… To Self-Destruct tracks 1 thru to 12 for a while, but I’ll be giving the half dozen songs that have been aired to audiences in the last few months a blast before Friday. A video has been made for ever song on the album and I’ve not had chance to sit and watch all of them yet. 

All of the videos were done by different artists to give a mix of styles. The video for this track was done by fashion photographers Dimitri Scheblanov and Jesper Carlsen, under the name of Herring & Herring. They were also responsible for the pretty bad looking album art work and no doubt a slew of iffy shirt designs for the foreseeable future. 


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