After a few days “overseas” the passport is stowed away for a while and it’s now back to the reality of the daily grind. I can’t begin to tell you how ecstatic I was when my alarms go off at 3:30am this morning. Also, by this time next week I’ll no doubt be sick and tired of seeing Birmingham up close and personal. Three evenings out of four will see me traversing the cities streets at the end of the forth coming week. 

There’s a local gig tonight when Raging Speedhorn play Stoke. I’m not too sure if I’ll be in attendance yet as I’m not exactly a fan of the Corby noisemongers and I’ll see them next weekend if so desired. 

A ticket has been secured for me and my train tickets have been booked so Thursday will see me watching my second Big 4 band within a week when I catch up with Anthrax for the first time since last summer. 

It’s the first date of their European tour and undoubtedly a bit colder than where they’ve spent the previous week – stuck on a boat in the Caribbean. It will also be their first headlining tour (in the U.K. at least) for more than a decade. As I’ve seen them so many times in the last three years I was going to give it a swerve, but they announced they were playing Among the Living in full so I had to go. 

Hopefully the bulk of the set, besides the 1987 throw back stuff, will be tracks from their latest opus For All Kings and hopefully I’ll be on way home having heard a few more songs I’ve never heard live before. But as it’s an Anthrax show and I’m gearing myself to see Got the Time and Antisocial for the umpteenth time. 

I thought I’d posted this track before, but scrolling through I haven’t, but I’ve found out I’ve posted In My World twice. D’oh! 

So cry for the Indians and prepare for a war dance. 


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